FotoBomb, Affordable Fun For Your Next Party

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Do you need some new entertainment ideas for your next party in Detroit Michigan? Take a look at FotoBomb, the photo booth rental service that can help you offer your guests a lot of fun, without having to spend a lot of money. If you are located in Michigan or the surrounding areas, you can rent a booth right from

These photo booths are fitted with top of the line Canon DSLR cameras, so all your photos will have that sensational look and feel without the associated costs of professional photography.

The booth is fully enclosed, so nobody from the outside can actually see what’s going on inside. It fits up to 10 guests at a time, so you can have some really cool group photos, especially if you make use of some fancy props to enliven a little the atmosphere. There are lots of funny props already included in your rental, so your guest will have a wide array of options.

The booth is pretty compact. It has a footprint of 5ft x 6ft, thus being suitable even for smaller spaces. If needed, you can have some idle time during your party, so that you can have the booth on site for a long time without having to pay the full fee for those intervals when your guests are eating or attending some other entertaining activity.

The beautiful studio back drop, as well as the studio professional lighting help enhancing the quality of the images even more. You aren’t going to see those annoying red eyes that make people look like vampires. The 20 inch touch screen interface is perfect for checking out how you look before taking the photos. This is a cool feature, although you have unlimited photos anyway, so it doesn’t matter how many your guests wish to take. All photo strips can be customized with print messages of your choice, as well as with your logo or any other image you want. The integrated printer is a Lab Quality Sublimation Dye one, hence the exceptional quality and durability of our photos. This printing procedure is far superior to inkjet printing, that’s why it has been chosen for these photo booths.

The booth rental includes a beautiful photo album, delivered to you after the party, as well as cloud hosting of all photos taken during your event. This online hosting of all photos will make it possible for everyone who has access there to share theirs with their family and friends. Moreover, the booth has full social media integration, so your guests will be able to post their photos on their social media profiles as soon as they take them. It’s like live broadcasting, straight from your event.

The booth is intuitive and user friendly, so your guests won’t have a problem in discovering how to take great photos. Nonetheless, FotoBomb will also send you an attendant to assist you for the entire duration of your party. This is how your guests will be able to make full use of all options and features offered by the photo booth.

All photos print within 10 seconds after being taken. There are two individual photo strips, so you won’t have to use any scissors or blades to separate them, like it happens with other companies.

If you are already thrilled about the idea of offering your guests an awesome portion of laughter and excitement, you can book your Detroit Michigan photo booth straight on, where you can also find out more details about the price packages. Should you have any questions, you can contact FotoBomb at the phone number provided on their website.